My name is Matt Vrazo and I am a researcher in paleontology and an evaluator in public health. This site focuses on my paleontology research and outreach. 

As a paleontologist, I am interested in understanding how the environment influences animal ecology and organic preservation through time. I address these broad questions by focusing on fossil arthropods (including eurypterids, or “sea scorpions”, and crabs) and sites of exceptional fossil preservation (called Lagerstätten).  You can read more about these research areas here.

As an educator, I have a strong commitment to youth science education and outreach, primarily in museum settings. I am particularly interested in exploring new types of inquiry-based educational programming while bridging the gap between researchers and the public. You can see some examples of the types of activities I have been involved with here.

If you are interested in finding out more about my research or outreach activities, please email me! You can also connect to me through ResearchGate and LinkedIn.